Everybody's connections at your fingertips

Through our ever-growing network of referrers and machine-learning assisted screening, you’re guaranteed quality hires.

A sharing environment in which everyone can be a referrer and benefit from it. A win-win situation for everyone; the best candidate, the most exciting job, and a reward for the best referral.

Extensive reach

We cast the widest net over our already massive network of referrers. Each referral is a personal recommendation from the people who can vouch for their candidate. We put your job in the hands of thousands of people who can make a difference.

Guaranteed quality

We pre-screen all the candidates through a machine-learning assisted process, so that you get a tailored shortlist of the most qualified candidates. You hit the ground running with your recruitment process.

Control your hiring costs

Cut the time to hire by over a half. More cost-effective than recruitment and executive search companies.


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